Yale road gets a facelift

Facelift for Yale Road

pus from West Campus, has been undergoing heavy construction over the past month. Parking, drop-off zones, the traffic circle and the pedestrian crossing and vegetation are all part of the changes.
 This was a necessary intervention says Emmanuel Prinsloo, director of Property Infrastructure and Management at Wits, for the sake of safety to students.“Though there have been no accidents, the old setup of the road was an accident waiting to happen”, says Prinsloo.
The aim of a bigger traffic circle and an elevated pedestrian crossing is to make travelling on Yale Road “uncomfortable” for motorists, he adds, so that they drive slowly  and cautiously. “Cars do not always stop at the pedestrian crossing and there are blind students who use the crossing,” says Prinsloo.
Cars will only be able to park on the west side of Yale Road, horizontal to the street. This will not change parking capacity. “It may even open up four more bays,” says Prinsloo.
The east side of the road will be structured to accommodate busses and drop-off zones. Eight busses will now be able to fit  as opposed to three.
The Planetarium and Origins Centre will also have bus drop-offs and parking making it safer for visiting school children. The busses will not interfere with the flow of traffic on Yale Road as they will have their own bays.
Previously, cars trying to pass busses parked at the robots were at a steep incline, preventing them from seeing students in wheelchairs crossing the road.As a final touch to the face-lift, Yale Road will be decorated with indigenous vegetation.
The inconvenience caused by the road works will end on September 20.


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