Witsie injured in bike crash

dsc04861.jpg Photo taken by Melissa Douman

Melissa Douman
A WITS law student who was badly hurt in a motorbike accident on Sunday is recovering at home.

Shaheen Bhyat, 20, a fourth-year LLB student, was riding with friends during a breakfast run on Sunday when his bike collided with two municipal workers on the M1 South on the Killarney Mall bend.

Bhyat was part of a 15-bike breakfast run when the accident took place.
The workers were cutting grass on the edge of the highway. One of the workers suffered a broken leg, but the other was unhurt.

Bhyat lost consciousness. He was cut out of his biker jacket and taken to Millpark Hospital, where he spent three days in the trauma ICU.

He was back home on Tuesday night, wearing a neck brace.
Bhyat said as he came round he bend, he saw a stationary truck in the right-hand (fast) lane.

“Unable to swerve into the middle lane to avoid the truck, I tried to bypass [in] the gap between the workers standing in the emergency lane. They froze and I hit them,” he said.

Bhyat said motorbike riding was his passion and thanked his parents and friends for their support in his ordeal. He said that to have his mother experience such trauma, stress and pain just once was already one too many times.

Bhyat’s accident comes two weeks after a similar incident when two bikers were killed during a breakfast run.

A close friend of Bhyat commented that “he was incredibly lucky and has some serious guardian angels watching over him”.
“It was like a second chance at life, an experience that will not easily be forgotten,” said the friend.


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