Walk for hunger

walk-for-well-hung3.jpg Photo taken by Melissa Douman

Melissa Douman

ABOUT 50 Wits students from the Community University Partnership (Cups) helped an international organisation host a group of orphans last Sunday.
The children were taken on a 5km walk then treated to lunch and a concert.
It was part of the Walk the World, which is run by World Vision in South Africa and took place in 50 countries simultaneously on Sunday.
The Wits students helped with logistics and even the cleaning up afterwards.
After the walk the children ate a lunch sponsored by Nandos and were entertained by Skwatta Kamp, Lira, Tamara Dey, UnCut, and Morafe who took to the stage and rocked the Hall 29 field on West Campus.
The Cups, through Wits Volunteers Programme, is involved in 33 community organisations.
The Walk for Hunger is the second event that Cups has hosted in just over a month. Before this it hosted the National Youth Service (Unsombvu Youth Fund project) which took place April 21, when 300 Wits students helped orphaned and vulnerable children in Diepsloot, Alexandra and Orange Farm by contributing some of their time to spend and feed these children.


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