Theft remedy too late

Theft remedy too late
A GAP in the security of the underground Jubilee res parking lot has been closed— after two students’ cars were broken  into last week.
Amanda Amarugam, a final year law student, says that she parked her car on Wednesday. When she wanted to use it on Friday morning she found glass around the tyres from a broken window.
“They wanted my radio, so they ripped out my dashboard,” says Amarugam.
Amarugam saw that another student, identified as O. Lebetse, had her car broken into and immediately  reported it to security on duty.
Head of Investigations at Campus Control, Oscar Manqaba called the Hillbrow Police who came to investigate.
he police found a set of fingerprints on Lebetse’s Corsa, but nothing on Amarugam’s. The police have not yet been able to match the prints to any suspects.
Amarugam said that she “cannot understand how they got into the parking lot that is secured by an electric gate. Remotes are only issued to the res students who park there.”
There is a small window that leads into the underground parking lot.  Thieves removed the panels around the window to make it bigger and squeezed their way in.
Burglar bars were installed on the windows the next day.


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