Student dies in car crash

Wits student dies week after crash

Melissa Douman

A WITS student has died after he was injured in a car crash involving his entire family.
Muhammed Bismillah, a second-year Quantity Surveying student, died in Baragwanath Hospital on April 28.
The accident happened on April 21 when the family of seven were on an outing.
His brother Salmaan, a Wits BCom student in his third year, was badly hurt in the accident and only recently recovered from a coma. Salmaan has been making good recovery and was discharged from hospital this week. It is not yet certain when he will be back on campus.
The other members of the family suffered minor injuries.
Muhammed was in a coma for a week before he died.
A notice on the Jumaat Khana (the Muslim prayer facility on Yale Road) asks people to make Dua’s (prayers) for the Bismillah family.
A friend of Muhammed’s said: “He was an amazing person with a warm heart and sweet smile. The kind of person who had direction and afforded life meaning.”


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