Pillow fight goes soft this year

pillow-fight.jpgPhoto taken by Melissa Douman

Melissa Douman

FIGHT! Yes you guys, the guys with the pillows – Fight! The annual pillow fight hosted on the Library Lawns on East Campus was a really weird thing to observe. There was excitement in the air as people walked indomitably on to the lawn clutching a pillow in one hand and bearing a “don’t mess with me” expression.
Some guys threw some practice shots with their legs and pillows. Others stood around cuddling their pillows like a little girl holding her teddy. Music to get people in the mood was played by Kickstand and was blaring in a surround sound fashion. It seemed all systems go.
Yet when the signal to fight was given, people were still hugging their pillows. Could this mean that Witsies are not feeling the pressures of exam stress? Or are we just over-fatigued by the demands of our hectic schedules?
Despite the slow-to-start attitude, when the pennies finally dropped, pillows supplied by Dial-a-Bed were split open and there was a definite sweat in the air as the contenders realised that this was the only time soft violence could be expressed without fears of being charged.
One student, ten minutes into the fight, managed to drag himself out of the ring, panting and out of breath complaining about his “smoker’s lungs”. Another student said that he was content for today, that the pillow fight saved him a trip to the gym.
Warren Goldstuck, a Witsie doing his honours in English, together with some volunteers organised the event. He said that the first pillow fight was an attempt at breaking a record. Two thousand students participated, which was 1 000 students shy of breaking the record.
Goldstuck, while running around to make sure that all was alright, managed to get in there and throw a few pillow shots. He said that it became an annual thing because “it is fun, why not?” He said that besides the bruises inflicted by the pillows, no one was injured.
It was beautiful to see a patch of lawn covered in white fluff on a warm spring day. The field was left green again after Sonke, the Wits landscaping group, did a quick sweep off of fluff.


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