One night stand makes for easy comedy

knocked_up2.jpgOne night stand makes for an easy comedy

Movie: Knocked Up
Director: Judd Apatow
Cast: Katherine Heigl, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan and Leslie Mann
Vuvu Verdict: Hilarious and sweet

This is an hilarious tale about how life just happens. One week you’re celebrating a rising career, a beautiful body, and the frivolous nature that comes with being young, and the next, you’re puking, emotional and KNOCKED UP!

That’s what happens to sweet, fun, 24-year-old Allison Scott (Katherine Heigl), who in a drunken celebratory moment, jumps stoner Ben Stones’ flabby bones and eight weeks later realises that her whole life is changed.

To be or not be a mommy? That is the question. To have a 23-year-old, majority of the time stoned, unemployed, computer dude who has weird, porn-crazy slacker friends as a daddy? Hmmmph…
The choices that she makes seem surprising. The unfolding tale has a sweet and side-splitting appeal. Ben (Seth Rogan) tries really hard to redeem his loser image and be the kind of man Allison would like.

It is romantic in a very practical sense and parallels the relationship of her older sister Debbie (Leslie Mann) and Pete(Paul Rudd). The married couple does not make being married look like something anyone would want to do. There is tension, mistrust and frustration, with Debbie and Pete saying the ugliest things in the nicest way and still managing to do serious damage to the soul. All that seems to keep the two happy are their two little girls who the couple shelter from the harsh realities of the world outside their home.

There is a “real” appeal to an extraordinary circumstance. This realness makes the movie and the characters interesting to watch. Each character, flawed by their plain human nature, discovers how to embrace their flaws and compromises in the struggle to make things work. It’s like watching a child trying to fit an incorrect piece into a nearly completed puzzle and then getting it just right.


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