Full steam ahead

Full steam ahead

JCE RES students who spent three months in the dark and had to take cold showers throughout winter are back in hot water.
It was reported in the 17th August edition of Vuvuzela that JCE was experiencing a three month long, hot water shortage. But now, according to an email sent by Emmanuel Prinsloo, Director of Property, Infrastructure and Management Division (PIMD) at Wits, four of eight backup gas boilers are up and running.
The additional four backup gas boilers are anticipated to be up and running by the end of October. These will in future provide a hot water supply to the residences in the event of a steam supply failure from the Johannesburg General Hospital boiler system. A failure of the system at the Joburg Gen was the root of the hot water shortage at JCE.
As for the electricity shortage, students say that they still suffer blackouts from time to time, but these blackouts have been controlled to the floor where electricity use is unacceptably high. This control has ensured that the three residences do not spend nights in the dark. “I am so glad that it has been sorted out. I don’t think that I can handle studying by candlelight for my final exams,” said a JCE res student. The June exams proved to be a very difficult period for these students who had to study in the cold and dark.


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