FNB makeover begins

FNB makeover begins

red-and-white tape cordons off most of the FNB building on West Campus as it undergoes its three-year renovation.
A new three-story section will have a computer lab, two lecture rooms and seminar rooms. A postgraduate section will be built on and an air con system installed.
Emmanuel Prinsloo, Director of Property, Infrastructure and Management Division (PIMD) at Wits, says that the estimated cost of these  renovations is R62,5 million.
Prinsloo said that there will be some “minor” inconveniences during the building process. “It will be slightly dusty and slightly noisy,” he says.
The FNB building will still be operational but students may be shifted to different rooms during the process. The building’s capacity will be increased from 3 500 people to 6 000.
 Prinsloo said that the building had to be revamped because the air con system came to the “end of its life-cycle”, and there has been a dramatic increase in students.
He said that the accounting faculty were looking into taking in more students but couldn’t because there was no place for them.
The postgraduates on West also needed a place to study, and do research. The new building will accommodate them too.
Art work from the School of Art will be on show throughout FNB.
Students don’t have to stress out too much as the noisiest part of the renovations will take place between October 1 and the first week


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