Change is the law of life

It was cold. I had the car heater on, a thick black coat and a scarf to keep me warm.
Driving leisurely through Parkhurst, I sang along to the smooth sounds of Sade. The hard day of running errands and tutoring kids was done.
I was imagining a steamy java, followed by a night out at the drag racing … Yip, nothing could spoil my mood. This evening was going to be just perfect.


Photo courtesy of Flickr

My front passenger window shattered. A man shoved his large frame through my window. There was a struggle … my bag … my wallet … even my jacket.
No time to speak or scream. Hardly time to think. Foot pressed to the floor, I careered through a red light, with Daddy-long-fingers dangling through my window. A sharp turn and he was flung back into the road.
I hope the bastard chokes on the chicken bone he bought with my 200 bucks.
The days that followed were among my toughest. No wallet and bag meant no ID book, driver’s licence, gym card, clothing cards, movie card, student card or cash. I live alone. I wished my dad were here.
First thing was to cancel all cards. Check! Apply for a new I.D. book. Check! Oh my gosh, the temporary ID took 10 working days. That meant dieting for two weeks – I couldn’t apply for an ATM card till it arrived. Oy vay, what an end to my holiday.
Now nearly two weeks later, I have not starved, am not destitute – a little uncomfortable maybe, but definitely okay. Temporary ID due any day and I’ll be back to normal.
When it happened, I thought I’d never cope. But I did. So maybe it needed to happen. It showed me, whatever worse traumas life throws at me, I’ll handle them somehow. This is life. This is experience.
The only way is to accept life’s challenges and fight for something better. Fall down seven times, stand up eight times.
Two days after the robbery, I was stuck at another red light. Another asshole placed his hands against the R890 window I had just replaced. I was filled with rage, ready to leap from my car and beat the shit out of him. He stepped back and indicated he was hungry.
That’s perhaps the worst thing it did to me. Was he trying to smash and grab, or was I being needlessly suspicious? And how did this happen – that I could look at someone far worse off than myself, and not feel sympathy?
July 27 2007-11-07


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