Campus Celeb- The Kick

kick.jpgPhoto taken byMelissa Douman

Melissa Douman


Vuvuzela interviewed Adam, Phillip, Justin and Nick, members of an ass-kicking band called The Kick. They have been friends since high school, are culturally diverse and love to live music.

What are you studying?

A: BA Dramatic Art-Film third year
P: Electrical Engineering third year
J: Quantity Surveying third year
N: Chemical Engineering

How did you form the band?

We were friends for a long time. All with the ability to play an instrument so it just felt natural to start a band. It’s great ‘cos we practise in our free time and on weekends and because we are friends we also get to hang out.

Who plays what instrument?

A: Sings, guitar, writes lyrics
P: Lead guitar
J: Drums
N: Base guitar

What inspires you?

J: What doesn’t? People who are better than you, who are good at what they do inspire you to become better, aim, higher and work harder.
A: My lyrics focus on social issues and Joburg, the fact that it is volatile and has so much potential is amazing to write about. Phillip cuts in: And he likes to write about burning things. Back to Adam: Metaphorically of course!

What is your favourite colour?

A: Brown (head to toe in brown today)
P: Blue
N: Black
J: Orange. It was the colour my first proper drum kit. A unique kinda orange but awesome.

Would you consider yourselves romantic individuals?

J: It depends on the situation. I’m not a chocolates and flowers conventional, but romantic in that I feel the situation and respond to it.
A: My girlfriend inspires me in my lyrics even though I don’t write directly about her but I have written a song for her.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

N: Beer and cereal together. (Adam comments: When put together two of your most favourite things become the worst combination.)
A: I put Durban chillies up my nose – it was the most painful experience.
P: I drank beer out of a shoe
J: Most of our crazy experiences involve a whole lot of beer.

If you could have a super power or be a super-hero, which one would you have or be?

A: I would fly
P: I wanted to fly, but I think I would want super strength
J: I like John Bonham and to me he is like a super-hero. He is so talented

Do you play any sports?

A: We play garden cricket and other sport for recreation
J: I used to be very into sport, played soccer
P: I play squash

What freaks you out?

A: Cutting hair and split ends. On a serious note, fundamentalism and conservatism as these encompass intolerance and racism
J: Yeah we are a rock band and are culturally diverse, I’m from Zimbabwe, Adam from South Africa, Phillip from and Nick from

What Music are you into?

Well we have to be as open to as much music as possible


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