Campus Celeb- Senzo Phumgula the ‘clever boys’ mascot

Melissa Douman

WITSIE Senzo Phungula, a “second first year student” studying politics, is also the Bidvest soccer team’s mascot. Melissa Douman caught up with him this week to find out why this “wanabe a politician when I grow up” has undertaken this role.

How did you get chosen to be the Bidvest mascot?

I am a big supporter of the Wits team. I used to attend every game, home and away. I cheered and commented and they must have noticed that I was an active and dedicated supporter.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I have done a lot of crazy things. The craziest thing that I have done as mascot, though, has to be when I got noticed as a possible mascot. Wits were playing against Black Leopard and I stood up to speak to the fourth official. I indicated that I wanted to play too and that he should put me in as a player. He played along and held up his number board to signal me onto the grounds. The crowd went wild and I think that it was at that particular moment that I stood out.

How long have you been Mascot?

I have been mascot for about four months now and hope to be mascot for as long as my stay in Jo’burg lasts. I am from Durban originally.

Why do you support Wits then?

I like Wits. It’s away from where I grew up and it has a great reputation. I also like the way that the team plays. I feel that, although they have been winning their matches, they have not been playing really well. It may be because they have a new coach.

Do you have a girlfriend and what does she think about your being a mascot?

Yes I do have a girlfriend. She is very supportive and says that she is very proud of me. She believes in me.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would like to become a famous politician.


No valid reason, I just like politics. I think that Zuma should become president also because he is a great politician and worked really hard to get to where he is. He has never been found guilty of anything and therefore I do not think that he should be excluded from potential presidency. I think that he will be great at running the country.

What are the perks of being a mascot and what does it entail?

I get to travel with the team and attend all the games for free. They ask for my input and I am not afraid to give it to them. I wear the outfit. I sing and, though I am not such a great dancer. I dance too, I know all the steps to the routines.

What is your favorite food?

(Laughing) Rice and chicken and my favourite colour is black.


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