Campus celeb George Leader IV and bodyguard Lloyd

copy-2-of-george-and-lloyd.jpg Photo taken by Melissa Douman

GEORGE MICHAEL LEADER IV, an American from the east side of Philadelphia and Archaeology Masters student is known as the Mugabe of International House. He comes from a long line of politicians, plays the guitar, sings and makes a mean taco. Here he shares his views, tastes and opinions.

Leader’s bodyguard, Lloyd Herbst, a 3rd year Environmental Sciences student and head of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Sciences, who just won a KFC burger eating contest, shares his experience also.

What is the role of an International House chairperson?

George: My role is really to take the concerns of all the residences and make sure that they are heard by the faculty and Maintenance Department. And really, to create a happy res where everybody can live in an environment of mutual respect.

How did you get chosen to be chairperson?

My res hall elected me a week ago. They thought that I was a good candidate because I have good interpersonal skills and could really unite the res.

What did you do as chairperson to be called Mugabe?

I run my res with an iron fist! I call down to Security to bring me my Coke.

What changes do you plan to implement in the house?

We really want to do a number of things. We want to boost security. We want to make sure that maintenance issues are sorted out quicker and we want to organise more activities that bring cultural activities together; like organise hotdogs on barbeques- with Heinz and mustard.

What do you like best about South Africa?

Being able to do my own field work; that’s why I am here … and of course my new best friends (says smiling).

What do you do for fun?

I play soccer. There’s quite an active social life in South Africa, as I’ve discovered. And I knit.

What is your favourite South African dish?

I hate boerewors. I do enjoy pap. The pies … we don’t have anything like your pies in America. They’re great.

Is rugby better to watch than American football?

I grew up on American football so I know a lot more about it. But I like rugby! (breaks into song) Bana Brian Habana.

If you could have any super powers what would they be?

George: I’d like to be Peter Petrelli in Heroes. He absorbs the powers of everyone around him. The trouble with reality is finding people with super powers.[laughs]
Lloyd: To make any kind of food on a whim. I’d like to be able to just squirt it out of my hand … KFC … ksssh … and there it is.

KFC or McDonalds?

George: Easy, Mac Ds, baby!
Lloyd: Despite recent challenges, Mac Ds.

What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?

Lloyd: Our friend Kirby had a dream about the two of us [him and George], where we had invented a time machine that took us back seven seconds in time. Pretty useless but not completely if it means having the ability to take the last bite of a meal all over again.

Was the eating contest something that you practised for?

No I didn’t practice, it came naturally. It came from years of stealing siblings’ food.

How did you feel after the contest?

I felt like I could have another one. I felt great.

Was winning an X Box worth R3 500 worth the discomfort?

Yes it was. The second prize winner won a shaver. It made winning so much better.


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