A mother knows best

movie.jpgPhoto courtesy of Flickr

Melissa Douman

Because I said So
Director: Michael Lehmann
Starring: Tom Everett, Mandy Moore, Lauren Graham, Gabriel Macht, Dianne Keaton
Vuvu Verdict: Hilarious

DAPHNE (Keaton) is a mother with good but far from principled intentions. She wants to see the youngest of her three daughters, Milly (Moore), find the perfect man and settle down.
In a struggle to come to terms with her own life and romantic mishaps, Daphne places an ad online and embarks on a slippery slope to find Mr Right for Milly.
Copious amounts of whisky and wine later Jason (Everett), bachelor number 17, comes along. Jason is a responsible architect and too busy to meet the girl of his dreams.
According to Daphne, who knows exactly what her daughter does or doesn’t need, including her clothes, career and apartment décor, arranges that Milly and Jason meet and continue to meet. All this is unbeknown to Milly.
Enter- free-spirited rocker Johnny, who meets Milly and falls in love with her magnetic aura and starts throwing a spanner in Daphne’s works.
Johnny a breathtakingly handsome and mysterious hunk, shares the same interests as Milly. He is warm, romantic, caring and considerate and about the only person, apart from her mom, who actually gets her.
Comic mayhem unfolds as the well-intended mother continues to do the wrong things for the right reasons … all in the name of love for her beloved daughter.
It is only when Joe, Johnny’s father, enters the scene and ignites a dormant passion in Daphne, does she realise that she is afraid of Milly becoming her – unhappy and meddlesome. But is it already too late for Milly?
The retold tale of a mother’s quest to find love for her daughter is made special by the unique and loving relationship that binds the Walmer ladies. A story about sisterhood and family and a mother learning about love and letting go is neatly packaged in a toe-curling, side-splitting experience.
It is a hilarious battle of strong wills, and the mother-daughter dynamic is fiercely tested. Daphne discovers the truths and impossibilities of motherly love and realizes that her life is far from over too.
It is a warm, passionate story that gives your abs a workout. Perfect for a ladies night out, a mother- daughter experience or a romantic watch with your significant other.


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