Manto Tshabalala Msimang- a drunk and a thief

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The Health minister has been taking a lot of strain as the media probes deeper and deeper into her personal life looking for evidence that would expose her for the lying cheating thief that she is.The role of the media is to serve as a ‘warchdog’ of the state. To uncover truths and reveal them. The media, however is restricted in the types of revelations they deliver. This restriction is placed in the Contstitution of the Republic of South Africa- which is the supreme law of our country. Any conduct incosistent with the Constitution is invalid and unlawful.The question id whether or not the media has revealed truths about Health Minsiter Manto Tshabalala-Msimang in ways that are consistent with the coonstitution? Did they uphold her right to fairness and dignity and did their reports act as a means to the function that they served?Tshabalala-Msimang, better known as ‘Dr. Beetroot’, due to her insatiable lectures about how people who have HIV/AIDS must eat healthy if they want to live longer. Attributing healthy eating to having the same effects of antiretrovirals. The media took a closer look at her own life and public appearences. From this they alledge that she has a drinking problem. It is alledged that Tshabalala-Msimang tripped and fell off a stage at an appearence becasue she was drunk. Evidence to suggest this came from someone who said that he could smell alchohol in the ministers breathe. The problem with this is the fact that she may have had sometinhg alchoholic to drink, this does not mean that she was drunk. she could have been within her limits. Or, what smelt like alcohol may have been cough syrup- we all know that the ministr of health has been very sick of late.The next incident was her ‘illness’. Before news broke out that the Minister of Health had a sick liver and needed a liver transplant, there was a ‘hush’around the mysterious illness that kept her checking in and out of hospital. First it was reported that something was wrong with her kidneys and then it was reproted that she had a ‘myserious’ disease.The ‘hush’, made the media more curious and when knews broke out about her liver being ‘beyond repair’, the media showed just how deep they could dig. They dug through medical records that revealed her being in hospital fifteen years ago for the same illness but still sending nurses to buy her some wine.Why have the media made Tshabalala-Msimang out to be a thief also? Well, she stole a watch from the same hospital fifteen years ago. And now she seems to be stealing a healthy liver. The reports from the media reveal that the Tshabalala-Msimang is health minister of South Africa. South Afrcia is a democratic country. All members of a democratic society need to be awarded the same benefits and be treated fairly. Had Manto been an ordinary citizen, she would not have been pushed up on the long-list of patients indesperate need of a liver. An alchoholic is not a victim of disease as they brought the disease upon themselves. There was a long list of victims before her needing that liver more than she did. Also, she is not a spring-chicken anymore. The age limit to people elligible for a healthy liver is 65. The health misniter is two years shy of that age.

What seems to have worsened matters and enraged people following the news, was that it was reported that after receiving the new liver,she sent nurses out to get her some more alcohol.

I think that the media did a lot of good in bringing to our attention the state of our country and the bias of our ‘democaracy’.

I would flaw the media on two aspects- the first, is did they have a right to retrieve a personal mediacal file? The second, is even if they did, did they have an obligation to the citizens of South Africa to reprot their findings?

There are moral issues that the media need to be careful of. If they are in breech of those ethical boundaries, it must be becasue they are fulfilling the duty that they have i.e. to serve as watchdogs to society. Was in in the best interests of society to have her personal life exposed? If it was, did they bring about any change?

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Bokke- the final hurdle to victory

Melissa douman

There is a hype, a tension, a build up in the air, as Springbok supporters plan for victory.-the Rugby world cup is coming home.

The 2007 Rugby World Cup is the Sixth Rugby World Cup since its inauguration in 1987. The final match between England and South Africa is being played tonight, Sautrday the 20th of October 2007 in Paris France.

It’s 8.a.m. and already the streets of Jozi are being painted green and gold. Men on street corners sell their merchandise to passess and drivers-by. A family of four- all in Springbok jerseys drive by hooting.

Tonight is going to be one helluva jol. The Bokke have not lost a single match in the entire World Cup and judging from the excited faces and passess by, tonight is certainly not going to be the exception.

People have already planned the pubs, the braais and the company that they are going to celebrate with for this auspicious occasion. The last time South Africa took the Cup was 12 years ago, in the 1995 World Cup Tournament- where they played against and thrashed New Zealand.

The only thing that boggles the minds of their anxious supporters is how many tries Brian Habana is going to score tonight? Last week in the match against Argentina he scored a whoping four. And in previous matches a total of four. This brings Habana to a total of eight tries in a rugby world cup, the equivalent to that of Jono Lomo in the 2003 Rugby World Cup. The question on everyones mind is, is Habana going to break Lomo’s record?

We’l have to wait and see. But while you wait, if you haven’t planned where you are watching the match, remember that Melville is going to rock tonight, and so is Monte Casino. If that doesn’t appeal, how about a braai and get-together at home? Whatever you decide, get reay to party! Tonight is most definitely going to rock!

News Blogs

In the following paragraphs, I will discuss a news blog. The news blog that I will be discussing is a religion news blog found at this site: http://www.religionnewsblog.com/ The paragraphs will be divided into my views on the news blog’s hypertextuality, interactivity and multimediality.


the linking of one sight to another. On this blog, the hypertextuality is quite efficient. It does enable the user to connect freely to other sights. It is rather effective that way. One is able to view previews to religious books displayed on the sight as well as news articles related to the sight.

Multimedia: is a variety of news that is displayed in a variety of ways. It includes pictures, videos, articles, advertisements features. All the media displayed on this site is religious. They do not focus on one particular type of religion and as such the blog is available to a huge audience. The blog makes use of pictures and video footage. It contains articles and discussions that create a platform for debate. The site is current and up-to-date and displays media in various ways.


deals with how one relates to and interacts with the sight. It is a very busy site and as such makes one feel a little anxious when dealing with it.The user becomes more comfortable when they acquaint themselves with the various types of links, pictures, articles on display and just learns to move around on the blog. It is rather interesting but full. One is able to leave comments on certain articles and as such does engage with its audience by allowing a platform for discussion.In closing, this news blog has a lot to offer a large audience as it is easy to connect to and does not prevent the user from surfing the blog with unnecessary passwords or advertisements. The blog focuses on religion and news around it so it can be very useful.


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