About Melissa Douman

Hello there

melissa.jpg Photo taken by Kenichi T. Serino

My name is Melissa Charlene Douman. I am currently an Honours student at the University of the Witwatersrand, doing a career-entry into journalism at honours level. I am a free-spirit who has a passion for writing and aim through my writing to enlighten, raise awareness of topical issues, report accurately on happenings in society and ultimately become an advocate for change.

The aim of my blog is therefore to present the user with insight into some of the stories that I have produced this year. It is a blog with a tone of professionalism, but a professional blog need not be a tedious experience, therefore part of my objective is to stimulate the viewer of this blog with entertaining articles, colourful pictures and inspiring videos, i.e. to present work made colourful with a multi-media package.

My blog contains various pages that reveal a little bit about me and the different work that I have done. The pages are found on the right-hand column of the screen.

One of the pages is a contact page which basically gives my contact details.

The next page, my curriculum vitae presents my work, sports, awards and educational experience to date.

The page entitled ‘Homework for Tara’, is classwork that I did for Tara Turkington and Richard Frank- the online lecturers for the year. Part of the course, besides producing this blog, was to write on Manto Tshabalala-Msimang and how the media reports on her. There is also an article about the Rugby World Cup of 2007 as well as an article about a blog that I reviewed before creating my own. This page is made colourful with pictures, all courtesy of Flicker, a web page that provides the use of their photos. There are no internal links on this page, so all the stories can be found on it.

rugby1.jpgPhoto courtesy of Flicker

The next page, entitled ‘Features that present a multimedia-package’, contains four articles. This is a contact page, so in order to read the articles, the viewer needs simply to click on the headlines of the articles, headlines for the slideshow and headlines for the video. The articles contain pictures that I took as well as pictures that were courtesy of other photographers. The slideshow contains pictures that I took. The articles are different in that some are humerous, some serious and others insightful. The aim of this was to create depth and variety.

The next page that this blog contains is entitled Vuvuzela Articles. Vuvuzela, is a student newspaper that I wrote stories for, laid-out pages and helped distribute to all parts of campus. Vuvuzela was a wonderful experience- a lot of crazy, fun, sad and wierd things happens on campus. Like the multi-media page, this too is a contents page and therefore, the reader need only to click on the headlines to read the stories. the headlines thus have an internal link to the stories.
There is a link to http://www.vuvuzelaonline.com if you the viewer would like to check out other work and read more exciting stories.

there are general, and personal pages with more articles if you scroll down to the bottom of the index column which is also on the right-hand side of my blog.

Happy viewing. I hope that this blog is fun to surf and easy to use.


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